Gatwick Second Runway Threat

by Mike Ward on 6 November, 2012

The owners of Gatwick airport have said that that they plan to examine the option for a second runway at Gatwick to be built after the legal agreement expires in 2019. This came on the day after Liberal Democrat County Councillors put a motion to Surrey County Council that was passed unanimously rejecting both a second runway at Gatwick and a third runway at Heathrow (apparently favoured by some Tory MPs). For more on this click here

Rejection of a second runway at Gatwick is also backed by the Liberal Democrats  nationally. At the Party conference in September a comprehensive motion (Final Conference Motion Aviation 230912) on aviation policy rejecting extra runways anywhere in the South East was overwhelming passed. Lib Dems believe that the needs of business can be met without inflicting the environmental damage that an additional runway would imply. This could be achieved through better use of existing capacity, encouraging use of high speed rail as an alternative to shorter flights and better transport links between existing airports.

The proposals are also strongly opposed by GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign). They say, “‘We have always been totally opposed to a new runway on environmental grounds.” and “In fact all the options for a new runway have been examined many times before and have always been found impracticable.” For more information on GACC click here

I think the impact of a second runway would be devastating for our area because of the extra noise and the massive amount of associated development in transport and servicing facilities. I am ready to oppose it vigorously should the need arise.”

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