Gatwick consults on new flight paths

by Mike Ward on 22 October, 2013

Gatwick airport is consulting on  plans to change the flight paths of aircraft taking off from or arriving at the airport but they have given no details of where the new flight paths are proposed to be. This means the issue potentially affects everyone living in Dorking and villages to the south and east. They want to increase flights (and no doubt profits) by changing the way they use the runway. This means more noise overall and there are no proposals to compensate those affected. Because the routes will change it means that some people may be better off but others, possibly including some not currently affected, will suffer more noise, possibly significantly more. This is the result of of better navigation equipment meaning that the routes can be drawn more tightly thereby increasing the noise nuisance for those directly on the path. You can see the full consultation document here.  It is very complex but you don’t need to read it all to respond and it’s important to do so by the 14 January deadline.

I have made the following points in my response:

  • Strong objection to overall increase in noise.
  • Objection to increasing noise for some people without compensation
  • Rejection of attempts to get people to say which areas should be protected (and by implication which not) – This looks an attempt to divide us by getting us fighting for our patch rather than against the proposals as a whole.
  • Demanding a further consultation with detailed maps once proposed routes are known, accompanied by compensation proposals for people adversely affected.

GACC has also commented on the consultation. You can view their comments here.


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