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Planning Policy: Saving Our Green Environment

by Roger Abbott on 15 November, 2017

I have asked Councillor Margaret Cooksey, our Mole Valley planning spokesperson, to post this entry to our website:   The somewhat flawed but very important first consultation process for the new Local Plan has now concluded and the results are being analysed. The consultation, based on the disputed requirement to build nearly 6,000 additional new […]

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Brockham Oil Update

by Roger Abbott on 18 March, 2017

For some time I have been becoming more and more suspicious of what Angus Energy were up to on the site at Feltons Farm. Around Christmas I decided to find out exactly what they had permission to do and sought copies of their licences. The email response on 4th January 2017 from Samantha Murphy, Principal […]

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Housing in Rural Surrey: Affordable or Otherwise

by Roger Abbott on 7 March, 2017

The term “affordable housing” has always been a nonsense. I suspect it was invented by Alistair Campbell (or one of Blair’s other spin doctors) to cover over the fact that local councils had been forced to sell off all their housing stock for a pittance. Since then the term has been abused by just about […]

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Gatwick Noise Pollution

by Roger Abbott on 15 February, 2017

It is no surprise that the new departure routes introduced in 2014 caused such rumpus. Gatwick Airport had started using a new satellite navigation system that concentrated all departure flight paths along almost the same line rather than having them spread out across their permitted range as had always been the case. In addition, what […]

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Drilling For Oil In Brockham

by Roger Abbott on 30 November, 2016

The oil well off Old School Lane, Brockham has been operating by traditional means (not fracking) since 1987 with little disturbance to anyone. The site gained new owners two years ago and they have discovered new deposits of oil that can be extracted. The company is Angus Energy and an extension to the licence (i.e. […]

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The Green Belt And Why It Is Important

by Roger Abbott on 12 November, 2016

For my first entry to this blog, maybe I should say something about the Green Belt and why it is so important to me. In my youth,I lived in a village where, because of the acute post-war housing shortage, huge numbers of houses were built on land that was then similar to the Green Belt […]

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