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The Green Belt And Why It Is Important

by Roger Abbott on 12 November, 2016

For my first entry to this blog, maybe I should say something about the Green Belt and why it is so important to me. In my youth,I lived in a village where, because of the acute post-war housing shortage, huge numbers of houses were built on land that was then similar to the Green Belt […]

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No easy options outside the EU

by Mike Ward on 15 August, 2013

As a strong believer in Europe-wide co-operation and that the EU, whilst certainly not perfect, is the only realistic way of achieving it, I felt the need to correct some mistaken ideas presented in recent letters to the Dorking Advertiser. Here is an extract from that letter. However, the more serious point emerging from their […]

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Campaigning on Jobs and Apprentices

by Mike Ward on 18 June, 2013

The Liberal Democrats have announced that our number 1 priority for campaigning over the next year will be about jobs. Jobs and employment are a top priority for ordinary people. Britain is creating jobs, but it doesn’t always feel like it. But since the Liberal Democrats came into government in 2010, we’ve helped British businesses […]

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