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Village Primary Schools Under Threat

by Roger Abbott on 15 April, 2017

Ockley School Has Closed   There is a major problem looming with our village primary schools. Unless we take action, there will be extensive closure of village schools, not just in our area but all over the country. The consequences will result in major changes to the demographics of our rural communities and this is […]

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Buses For All

by Roger Abbott on 8 February, 2017

Town & Country Services People living in rural areas need buses just as much as people living in towns and cities. Imagine being near the County Council offices in Kingston. You need to catch the bus to, say, Surbiton. You get to the bus stop to find you’ve just missed one. Don’t worry there’ll be […]

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Faster Internet Speeds Are Essential In Our Rural Area

by Roger Abbott on 2 January, 2017

Fast and reliable digital connectivity is a necessity for households and businesses in the UK. The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to re-affirm its commitment to a national minimum broadband speed across the country to stop hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses falling into a “digital twilight zone”. However, after delays to […]

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Lib Dems call for school transport improvements

by Mike Ward on 11 December, 2013

Surrey County Council has announced a review of school transport, but from the start has said: ‘Surrey County Council is not proposing any changes to its home to school transport policy for 2015’. If this sounds crazy to you, then you can tell them what you think by going to the consultation. My colleague, Stephen […]

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Major Road Repair Programme but gaps remain

by Mike Ward on 20 June, 2013

The County Council has announced a major programme of road repairs throughout the County thanks to additional funding from the Government. This means that several roads will be repaired over the next 5 years including some that have been in poor condition for some time and that we have mentioned here or in FOCUS. These […]

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Hookwood Parking Progress but some issues remain

by Mike Ward on 19 June, 2013

Finally some decisions have been reached on parking controls in Hookwood. These are as follows: Povey Cross Road – The no return period will be extended to 4 hours from the current 1 hour. Apparently this will make enforcement easier. Forge Place & Malcolm Gardens – No parking between 10am and12 noon. Reigate Road & […]

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Horley Road has long had a flooding problem near the junction with Perrylands whenever there is heavy rain. At long last, Surrey have carried out an investigation into the cause and the result is shocking. It seems that an as yet unidentified utility company ran a connection through the drainage pipe and bodged the repair […]

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Citizens Advice Bureau Grant Cut

by Mike Ward on 23 March, 2013

The Conservative/Independent administration running Mole Valley District Council has cut £14,000 from grant to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. My colleague, Liberal Democrat Councillor, Iain Murdoch, said, “The CAB is a vital service for an increasing number of residents who desperately need advice in current difficult economic times.”

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Ockley to host men’s professional cycle race

by Mike Ward on 27 February, 2013

Following on from the Olympic cycle road race last year, a professional men’s cycle race with 150 competitors is to be held on Sunday 4 August. The route starts and finishes in London and will pass through Surrey. It includes 3 laps of a circuit round Leith Hill. Road closures and parking restrictions will be […]

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2 new fire stations but one less fire engine

by Mike Ward on 20 December, 2012

Last week Surrey County Council announced two new fire stations including one at Salfords. What they didn’t highlight was that the number of fire engines operating in Surrey will be reduced by one. This follows the decision by West Sussex Council no longer to operate a fire engine from its Horley fire station. The new […]

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